Public Deliverables

Deliverable D2.1 “The establishment of the EAHL-IAB interest group on governance of research”

This deliverable describes the actions taken to align with others who work on governance of research to share developments and work in progress. WP2 organised a seminar on this topic at the bi-annual conference of the EAHL in Bergen and the WP2 lead became member of the Code of Conduct drafting group.

Deliverable D3.2 “Report of cohort descriptions to aid future research”

This deliverable describes the characteristics of the cohorts participating in RECAP Preterm. We start by outlining our inventory process for documenting the characteristics of the cohorts, followed by a description of the cohorts.

Deliverable D5.2 “Workshop for project members on conceptual framework”

This Deliverable 5.2 (D5.2) of the RECAP project describes the WP5 “Statistical methods for Individual Patient Data (IPD): Conceptual Framework” workshop that took place on the 4th and 5th of September, in Leiden, the Netherlands.

Deliverable D10.1 “Go-online of the public project website and project brochure and factsheet”

The RECAP preterm website went online on 30 April 2017.